Natasha Helfer, LCMFT, CST, CSTS




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Your wisdom and knowledge has been invaluable to me, modeling being an LDS woman who has a healthy sense of sexuality. 

Natasha is friendly and approachable, which makes the process of working together enjoyable and pleasant, even when talking about really difficult things. 

Natasha is knowledgeable and comfortable discussing a wide range of topics. She offers practical options to improve intimacy and sexual relationships. 

Natasha is very friendly, inviting and comfortable. You feel secure with her - especially when talking about about sensitive topics. 


Everything we wanted. Thank you so much! And thank you for blending goodness & compassion with evidence-based rational sanity. Michael Atkinson.

Everything was very comfortable. Natasha has a lot of knowledge and very good viewpoints. 

Things were explained and presented really well. I could have listened for hours more. 

So refreshing to have a place to learn about and discuss a range of sexual behavior.

The presentation we attended really helped us start opening up a discussion between us as husband and wife. 

Appreciate your ability to be open on topics of sexuality. You do a great job of presenting uncomfortable material in a comfortable way. 

Being in a setting where all kinds of Mormons can talk frankly about sex and with good humor alone is very valuable. Natasha is uniquely qualified to help create this productive environment.

Natasha is very comfortable in talking about sensitive topics. She has a very fun and entertaining approach in educating people. 

Very informative and fabulous delivery in a safe environment!

Natasha puts everyone at ease -- even as we discuss potentially difficult subjects. 

Resources offered are great!


I've listened to all the podcasts on Mormon Mental Health that have anything to do with sexuality. Thank you for helping me and so many other women and subsequently their relationships and families!

Thank you for all the work you do to help families in our church. 

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